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Enjoy unique music-artists from Planet Earth and around !

Timetable Live Music


friday, august 2nd:

21:00 divin.e - healing frequencies from another space

21:45 Jode Gannon - Rock from England

23:00 Superjam - Reggae from planet Venus

          feat. Edd Mott - Afrobeat, Dub, Reggae from England

00:30 DJ Rocha Rogers - Afrobeat, Dub, House from Wales

saturday, august 3rd:

21:00 CX - Punk from Portugal

21:45 Lucas Maciel - Reggae from Brazil

23:00 Rita Fox Band - Rock from Portugal

00:30 Ruja - Experimental from Netherlands

A-Jam 2024 A6 Flyer back.jpg
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